KDC’s various facilities are specially designed.
And deploying the most advanced software for storage.

KDC understand, need, expectation of our customer.

We therefore carefully selected the technologies that will be used in providing the service.


We are committed to manage records and information with our profession at International level. RSSQL Software was selected for our service. This software is considered a very modern technology and good equipment which most of the document storage warehouses use. The customers can run real time online services. It can be traced and searched the information during the real time service at any time. In addition, the system will help determine the accuracy of every service orders. It records the date and time of the transaction, including those involved in the transaction and traceable at any time. This is the most important for service providers to have movement history or documents or information that customers first time archived. KDC is confident that our technology and throughout our service processes can meet customer’s needs at the International level.