To emphasize our professionalism as an expert

In document storage and management, we bring in innovative technology and best security system in every ensure your trust when storing important and confidential document and information with us.



Document Storage and Management Service

We highly concern on the important of document in our archive to international standard. We store and manage in a purpose built record storage facility that maximize storage capacity and retrieval process.


Computer Media Storage

Computer Media also store in a fire prove vault which is specially designed to meet international standard. It’s equipped with temperature and humidity control system, 24-hour CCTV recording system, and non-water base gas fire suppression system. Our services cover from storage and delivery service both in box or item.



Document and
Media Delivery Service

KDC care and take care of document and computer media that customer store with us, we select secured vehicles with safety lock during transportation tracking with GPS system along the route in real time.


Vault Service

KDC value the important of documents such as financial documents, commercial contracts, or medical records, which require a special care. These documents are securely store in our secured vault where only authorized personnel can access.



Content Management Hosting Service

We see demand of digital content storage which can access 24-hour to response to business requirement that need information rapidly and effectively from design consultation, system implementation and test, training and system maintaining with international standard.


Secure Destruction Service

KDC provides destruction services for documents and computer media. Documents, will shredded before pulping in recycle plant, computer media will destroy with industrial waste disposal standard to ensure that the documents and information are securely destroyed without impact to environment.



On-Site Secure Destruction Service

The destruction box will be installed in your office to collect confidential documents for destruction which will be collect back to our warehouse and process with secured destruction process. During pick up, documents will be contained in a bag seal with secure lock. We tracking the bag with our system and record all destruction process with CCTV.


Invoice Management Service

We provide invoice receiving and verification services on your behalf to reduce the burden in invoice placing and verifying prior to proceed the payment for goods or services. Give this service to us with effective solution and controllable budget.



Contract Management Service

We organize your contract and design searching system to retrieve the whole contract to ensure that all related documents are search and retrieved such as financial contracts and project documents.


Medical Record Management Service

We manage medical records or other relating to medical treatments by conducting daily update for individual patient and ready-to-use for the doctors when needed. This services will make huge advantage for any hospital to provide quick response for patients past medication history.