With our professional and expertise


Professional on digital Content Solutions management, KDC had utilized high technology conform with innovation and information security management to make customer confident for our digital content management solutions

Scanning Service

We design, classifications, sorting and index of their scanned document for easy searching and fast retrieval, we use the most advance scanning technology and professional team to obtain the highest image quality of any size of document with 1 year guarantee.

KDC Content Hosting Service


  • Easy to start
  • No Investment
  • Consulting Service Include
  • No IT Personal Required
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Document Management
  • Document Workflow
  • Enterprise Search
  • Collaboration
  • Imaging

e-Tax Invoice Management Service

Provide solution for e-tax Invoice management with Digital Signature and CA on XML and PDF/A3 format for your customer and Revenue Department

Benefit and ROI :

Flexible Help you flexible for e-tax invoice process

Cost saving Help you to reduce cost for e-tax invoice process

Fast respond Support you internal system for fast respond and more accuracy

e-Statement Management Service

Provide solution for e-statement with fully utilize business marketing strategy and help you on cost saving and prompt respond for e-statement

  • Faster and lower cost
  • More accurate compliance reporting
  • Personalized Messaging show you know your customer
  • Multiple docs in single mailing makes best impression
  • Dynamic messaging takes advantage of rapid market change